What if you had the power of the universe on your side? What if you could be like the moon and move the tides or inspire others like the stars in the sky? Belle Neptune is about inspiration, taking it with you and sharing it with others. What inspires you?

"Queen of Night"

"Queen of Night"

Just the Facts

Belle Neptune is an independent apparel company started in 2013 by artist and designer, Mathilde Weems. The idea was a lifetime in the making and built on dust, sugar free Red Bulls, the phone book, and sheer determination.

With a background in printmaking and photography, Thilde designs with a woman's anatomy in mind. The line includes unique print designs and classic style lines. The emphasis is on fit, comfort, high quality materials and construction. The original designs are eye catching and memorable. Considerable work is put into each piece. New designs and prints are introduced on a regular basis throughout the year.

Small batches are handmade in house and larger productions are carried out in LA. For wholesale inquiries and pre-orders, contact us for a line sheet.

About Thilde

Mathilde Weems was educated at Brown and Stanford University, where she obtained degrees in Psychology and Medicine.  After 15 years of working in the private and public sector in psychiatry, She came away with a deep understanding of the needs and desires of others and ultimately decided that she was better suited to serve others with her long held creative gifts.

As a lifelong learner, Ms. Weems has acquired many creative skills in graphic design, printmaking, photography, pattern making and apparel construction.  She has attended numerous art schools including the San Francisco Art Institute and Central St. Martins in the UK. She has taught print making and collage at numerous places and has shown her work internationally.

Exchanging patients for clients, Ms. Weems deeply understands the issues that contribute to a woman’s self confidence and body image.

Thilde and Skopey at Susan Brooks' studio in Berkeley, CA

Thilde and Skopey at Susan Brooks' studio in Berkeley, CA